Service Packages

DIY! (Something like an à la carte service menu)

We’re Becoming Parents! (The whole enchilada: birth and postpartum support!)

A comprehensive package of both birth and postpartum support, with a discount for buying both at once! Like my other packages, additional visits can be added at my hourly rate, just take a look next door at my “DIY” service package for details.

  • An interview/initial consultation is always no-obligation!
  • “We’re Having a Baby!” basic birth services package: $1,000
  • Hourly rate for any of my services: $28
    • Lactation support: 1-hour minimum
    • Prenatal appointment: 1-hour minimum
    • Postpartum appointment: 3-hour minimum
  • Phone and email consultations are free of charge
  • Please note: there is no hourly rate for support during labor, and I do not provide labor support outside of the basic birth services package. I cannot safely and effectively support you if we do not discuss your situation and what matters to you beforehand, or if I do not follow-up with you afterward.
  • An interview/initial consultation is always no-obligation!
  • Monthly prenatal visits from the time of hire to birth
  • Optional: An additional prenatal home organization appointment
  • 100% support from start to finish! I’m available by phone or email if you have questions or concerns in-between visits, and I’ll be there the whole time during labor and birth through that magical Golden Hour!
  • Daily weekday 3- or 4-hour visits for the first two weeks after birth
  • After that it’s your call, up to 5 days a week through the first 3 months
  • Optional: 1 overnight visit per week postpartum, lasting from 9pm-5:30am to make those nighttime feeds a bit more manageable
  • Cost: The combined cost of birth support and the retainer fee for postpartum support, or $1,840, but this package is priced at $1,640! That’s $200 off! My hourly rate for additional appointments or postpartum support past that first two weeks is $28/hour

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